Tobago Carnival

Mas is an art form

TEMPO is Colors, TEMPO is Mas, TEMPO is FREEDOM! Welcome to the HOT ONES and the launch of TEMPO MAS from the Caribbean’s leading entertainment Network. With an exquisite costume inspired by the vibrant colors of its well-known logo and its unity rings representing One Caribbean, TEMPO enters the Carnival FOG with the fire it is famous for!! An angelic costume that speaks a thousand words without having to say one, TEMPO Mas is HOT! If you know you’re a HOT ONE and you got TEMPO, Join us as we prepare to hit every Caribbean carnival worldwide, beginning with TOBAGO’s first Carnival in the hottest Carnival Band, Fog Angelz! Dat is TEMPO!

PRICE $1895TTD/$281USD

Backpack Price $700TTD/$105USD & $2995TTD/$445USD

Fog Angels- Tempo

Designer- Anya Elias


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